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Closing the Interview

The interview is closing and you are not quiet sure what to say. This section will help you approach the interview close in the proper manner and reinforce the message and impression you made during the interview.

It can be difficult to get a read from the interviewer on how you did in the interview. Even if the interviewer is upbeat and talkative there is no guarantee you did well in the interview.

The following are some clues or indicators that you may have done will in the interview.

  • The interview goes on much longer than scheduled.
  • The interviewer begins discussions on salary, starting date and maybe even the logistics of what would be your daily commute.
  • The interviewer asks you for a list of your references
It is appropriate to come right out and say that you are very interested in the position if you feel you have done well.

You could also ask about the timeframe on a decision and next steps for the chosen candidate who, hopefully will be you.

Interview No No's.
There are some things you should not do during an interview or at the close of an interview. The following are some examples.
  • Don't ever ask the interviewer how you did in the interview. You need to critique yourself and this is not the responsibility of the interviewer nor is it appropriate to ask an interviewer this question.
  • Never tell an interviewer you have to hear back from them within a specific time frame because you have more offers you are considering.
  • Never give an interviewer an ultimatum such as, "I need to know by August 8th".
  • Unless the interviewer has said there may be opportunities in other departments in the company that he is not interviewing for and suggests you contact some other folks about these, do not ask for other contacts in the company.

Write a Follow up Letter.
It is always appropriate to send a follow up letter after the interview irrespective of how you feel the interview went. The letter should indicate ….
  • Your gratitude for the opportunity to interview
  • Confirm your interest in the post
  • Recap a few of the strongest points that work in your favor

Keep it succinct. The letter should be no more then three or four paragraphs.

It is critical you manage your references correctly. If you plan to use somebody's name, be sure to let him or her know in advance and be sure they have positive things to say about you. Reference can be real advocates for you especially if they have connections in the company you are interviewing with. You can ask the reference to call the interviewer for you if you feel you may be offered the position.

Every Interview is a Learning Experience.
At the end of the day, even if you do not get offered the position you interviewed for you need to use the experience to improve your interview technique. Ask yourself the following questions and decide which ones you need to work on.
  • Did I do enough preparation in learning about the company? Did I have the company facts correct and could I have known more about the company?
  • Did I make my best attempt to look professional and presentable?
  • Did I arrive early enough for the interview so I could gather my thoughts and compose myself?
  • Did I stick to my plan? "Why am I here"?
  • Did I appear enthusiastic and eager?
  • Did I appear calm and confident?
  • Did I tie my skills with those of the open position?
  • Did I listen attentively and answer the questions I was asked?
  • Did I give and overview of myself in a focused, succinct manner when asked?

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