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The following are important points to keep in mind when traveling with your bird(s):
  • Small birds can become easily dehydrated in warm weather, so make sure your bird has adequate amounts of food and water during the journey.
  • Birds are the most sensitive to temperature changes so it is recommended you provide your bird with proper ventilation for the trip.
  • Your bird can be transported in its original cage-just be sure to keep it away from food or beverage containers to avoid any spills or accidents.
  • Select states require a health certificate for birds entering the state that may be examined at the airport or during roadway inspections. For this reason it is recommended to have your pet bird inspected by your preferred veterinarian prior to its transport.
  • Some health certificates are valid for a period of time only-commonly 10 days. If so, you must travel with your pet within the designated timeframe.

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