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3 Weeks Before Your Move

By Relocation.com Staff

  • It is now time to make final arrangements for transporting your car if you plan on doing so. If you are traveling by car, check to make sure your vehicle is in good shape for the trip.
  • Investigate your secret hiding spots to search for any forgotten items. Collect valuable items such as jewelry or heirlooms and keep them separate from the rest of your packed belongings so that you do not leave them behind.
  • Return any borrowed items, such as library books, and collect any clothing that you may have taken to be dry cleaned.
  • Begin cleaning the various rooms in your house that have been emptied, such as closets, basements or attics to prepare for the new residents and to make sure you did not leave anything unpacked.
  • Do you or your family members take any medications? If so, locate pharmacies in your new town that you can transfer prescriptions over to.
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