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Sticky Windows

A sticky window is a common problem. Very often it is simply the window channels that need cleaning and lubricating or the paint has run into cracks between the window stop and the sash.

Be sure not to try to force open a window that is stuck. You might very well do more damage than good.

Firstly, check to make sure the window is not locked. Now, place a block of wood against the sash frame and moving the block along the entire length of both sides, tap the block lightly using a hammer. This should loosen up the window so you can open it.

If the window refuses to open, remove the stops along both sides of the sash with a small pry bar. You can then remove the window sash. Scrape the edges of the sash clean using a paint scraper or fine sandpaper. Rub some paraffin or a wax candle stub along the edge of the window sash to lubricate.
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