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Patching a Hole in Carpeting

Cigarette burns and stains can cause permanent damage to carpeting. If the blemish is on the surface fiber only, use a nail clipper or small manicure scissors to clip away the damaged fiber. Remove small pieces at a time, as this does not grow back if you cut it too short.

If the carpet is badly damaged or torn, a section of the carpet will need to be replaced. Using a straightedge and a utility knife to make a straight cut out around a damaged area.

Cut a replacement piece or carpet the same size and using double stick cloth carpet, tape the patch in place. The tape is generally sold in 11/2" to 2" widths. Cut the tape to size to outline the perimeter of the patch area. Peel the protective paper from the face of the peel and stick tape and press the patch of carpeting into the repair area to ensure full contact between the carpet patch and the adhesive tape. Give the adhesive time to set and then use a comb or brush to blend the carpet pile between the carpet and the patch.
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