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Renting an Apartment: What Documents do you Need to Secure an Apartment?

By Relocation.com

Locating an apartment may be seem simple enough: you find an advertisement or ask a friend for recommendations in their neighborhood, but actually securing a place is not so easy and will involve some work on your part. Other than money for the first months rent and security deposit, you’ll need identification, pay stubs and in some instances may need to have a credit check.

The first thing you will need is identification. This includes a school ID, work ID, any government issued ID, a drivers license, passport or a visa. If you are new to a city or town or don't have a picture ID discuss your situation with your landlord. In some instances, old bills or various cards with your full name will suffice.

The next thing you’ll need to present is proof of your ability to pay your rent. This includes pay stubs and/or bank statements. You can also bring the following:

  • Employment verification with your position and salary.
  • Most recent pay slip or pay stub.
  • Copies of your bills.
  • Tax returns to show that you’ve actually paid them and that you can.
  • If you’re self-employed or are earning money from various sources then proof of these should be shown as well.

You also may need to have a credit check. If you receive a bad credit rating, you may need to sign your lease with a guarantor or present references from past apartments indicating that you did pay your rent on time.

When looking for an apartment, be sure to show up prepared - not only by asking questions but by presenting documents indicating that you are ready, willing and able for moving day. Since you're not the only one interested in an apartment, you want to be ahead of the apartment hunting game by presenting all of your financial and professional documents to your prospective landlord in a timely manner. These little things will enable you to be one step closer to the apartment of your dreams.  


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