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(RV) Recreation Vehicle and Boat Storage

There are a variety of reasons why you may have to resort to utilizing inside or outside storage. You might not have a sufficient amount of space, or local ordinances and laws may be preventing you from storing these items on your property. Also, if you live in a location where you face a difficult winter, you may have to store your boat or wave runner in order to prevent damage. Here is a list of a few items that may require outside storage:

  1. Boats
  2. Yachts
  3. Cars
  4. Wave runners
  5. Motor Homes
  6. Motor Bikes
  7. Campers
If you need to keep your items safe and secure until they are needed, then storage is the perfect solution. If you do not use storage, damage may occur to your boat or RV as a result of:
  • Extremely low or high temperatures
  • Torrential rain, snow or sleet
  • Subzero conditions
  • High winds
Every storage facility offers different storage options. If you do your research, you will be able to find a storage facility that meets all of your non-negotiable needs. A common option with boat or yacht storage companies is inside or outside storage. This is due to the fact that many boats and yachts are too large for inside storage. If you are offered the option of inside storage for a larger item, investigate to ensure that the doors and walls are wide enough for your boat or yacht to be stored without damage.

What are the advantages of inside storage? One of the advantages is to prevent your belongings from being damaged due to severe weather conditions. Select facilities may be heated for your comfort, and many offer electricity for bay storage units.

If possible, it is better to opt for outside storage since it will cost you less. However, if there is a greater risk for damage by placing your item outdoors, then cross it off your list.

Many companies now offer residential storage options where a storage shelter is delivered to your home. The storage shelters protect your items from inclement temperatures and may come with panels and doors. Shelters can then be returned after your required storage period has ended. However, you will have to look up local ordinances and laws to ensure that personal storage at your home is legal.

Boat and yacht storage companies offer various other services related to the items being storage, such as docking, launching, etc. Other offered services may include:
  1. Car, boat or RV repairs
  2. Sale and purchase of new/used vehicles
  3. Gloss finishing
  4. Welding
  5. High pressure power washing
  6. Bottom painting and polishing
  7. Detailing of boats; compounding, waxing and vinyl cleaning.
  8. Launch and haul into and out of storage
  9. Accessory sale and installation
  10. Fuel service
  11. Winterizing of vehicles. Includes flushing drain, refilling lower unit grease, pressure testing, grease shaft, fittings and steering system, compression test engine, disconnecting battery and replacing water pumps.
  12. Boat and wave runner rentals
Costs for storage tend to vary; group storages will cost you less if you store along with friends or acquaintances. Inside storage is usually pricier with additional fees for heat and electricity.

Make sure to check out your preferred storage company before committing to any agreements. A few things to look out for include:
  1. Your storage company should handle vehicles or boats gently and securely.
  2. Ask your company if they test the waters of the docking area on a regular basis to ensure algae and bacteria levels are safe. The records of how often this occurs should be available to you.
  3. Visit the storage company to see if the space is sufficient for the size of the item you are storing.
Security and Safety:
Your recreation vehicles are most likely expensive and quite valuable to you. You want to ensure that when they are stored, they are being cared for and properly protected. Research the security for each storage facility you are considering. Do they have 24-hour protection? Will your items constantly be under surveillance? These are all questions you should ask when visiting your preferred storage location. Be cautious-decide on the storage company that best suites your security needs.

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