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What to Look for When Seeking an Environmentally-Friendly Storage Facility

Just about everyone is becoming more aware of the environment and how we impact it.  Many of us want to improve our carbon footprint. There is more to lowering our carbon footprint than just making changes in your home. It also means using businesses that are green like storage units. Here's what to look for when seeking an environmentally-friendly storage facility.

Check out how the company uses electricity.
First, try and look for a storage facility that uses solar panels for their electricity. More and more storage companies are seeing the benefit in this. Their electricity bill drops to virtually nothing, and they are attracting customers that care about the environment. If they aren’t using solar panels yet, at least look for a company that is using the energy-efficient bulbs for lighting. There are also some companies out there that are committed to only buying their electricity from companies that use renewable sources. Even having a solar water heater shows a commitment to the environment. Using motion-sensitive lighting in low traffic areas is another way of showing that the company is green, as is the use of timers on their lighting.

Ask if the company is recycling.
There are several storage facilities around the country that are fully committed to recycling everything they can. Some things that a storage facility can recycle are paper, light bulbs, paint and oil. There are companies out there that are encouraging their customers to recycle as well, asking that they recycle their packing materials for instance. They provide the recycling bins right on the property, not only for the use by tenants but also the community.

Check and see if the company is donating anything to environmentally friendly associations.
There are storage companies that are currently donating money to groups that are working towards a healthy environment. Some companies are planting a tree for each customer that stores with them. Yet another is sponsoring education in local high schools to teach kids to be green. There are many ways for a storage company to help the environment through community service.

You can also reduce your own carbon footprint when you are packing items to be stored in a facility as well. There are now packing ‘peanuts’ that are made from starch and are totally biodegradable. There are new biodegradable plastic wraps that replace bubble wrap. There is even tape that is biodegradable.

When you are looking for a storage company, all you have to do is ask about what they are doing to improve the environment. The more people that support businesses that are working to become environmentally friendly, the more other companies will see that being green pays.


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