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Wood Frame Window

Measure the size of the pane first by measuring the exact length and width of the grooves that the pane will fit. Next, have the new pane cut 1/8"short of the exact dimension in both length and width.

Follow these steps
  1. Remove any remaining glass shards

  2. Use a heat gun to soften the old glazing putty

  3. Remove the old glazing with a putty knife

  4. Clean and inspect the rabbet groove to ensure that no glazing putty, glass shards of glazing remains.

  5. Squeeze out a 1/10" bead of putty on the glass side of the rabbet groove between the edge of the glass and the widow frame.

  6. Press the glass down gently at the edges to bed the glass into the putty.

  7. Position the glass down gently at the edges to bed the glass n to the putty.

  8. Position the new pane in the rabbets so that a 1/16" gap remains between pane and sash on all four sides.

  9. Push one corner of each glazing point into the wood sash using a putty knife or a screwdriver blade.

  10. Roll a glob of putty knife between your bare hands to form a thick rope and then press the length of putty along all four sides of the glass.

  11. Press and smooth the glazing putty against the sash and glass using a putty knife.

  12. Allow the putty knife to dry and then repaint.

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