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Tools for Home Improvement

Whether you are considering some simple home decorating project or a big home improvement project it is essential to have the basic tools. You don't need to have a prize collection of every tool on the market although some people feel they do need to have these however there are some tools you should absolutely have. If you are fortunate to have a contractor and/ or decorator employed for the completion of the project, they will have all the tools needed however it is still no harm to have a collection of the basic ones.

For the purpose of this guide the tools required for the basic home decorating jobs and larger home improvement projects are in two sections.

Home Decorating Tools
  • Camera - A camera can be used in decorating to take pictures of the tools at different angles. You can bring pictures with you while shopping for new furnishings. You can also take pictures of furnishing you are considering to purchase. A camera is a good investment as you can use it in may other areas of your life.

  • Writing Tools - you must have pens, pencils, erasers and markers in different colors. Chalk also comes in handy to mark places on floors and walls that you are considering placing furniture on.

  • Note Book - a notebook is an absolute necessity when working on a home improvement project. You can jot down a list of items to purchase costs of these items and even lists of ideas for the project.

  • Measuring Tape - a measuring tape is another necessity to take measurements of rooms dimensions and pieces of furniture to make sure they fit. It is useful to have both a standard retractable steel tape and a cloth measuring tape for curved surfaces.

  • Ruler - a ruler is used to draw straight lines when drawing a room plan.

  • Clear Plastic furniture template - when you are working on a floor plan it can be very helpful to have a furniture template so you can punch out shapes to represent furniture pieces.

  • Assorted pack of Screwdrivers - whether you are working on a home improvement project or not an assortment or screwdrivers is very useful to get slotted and Philips head screwdrivers so you can screw in or out all different types of screws.

  • Staple Gun - a staple gun can be used for numerous types of jobs such as putting up ceiling tiles, securing insulation and laying wood floors.

  • Variable Speed Drill - you can get a plug in or a cordless drill that is used for screwing in and removing screws and drilling holes.

  • Saw - a small, easy to use handsaw is a must have for cutting up wood for projects such as shelving.

  • Pliers - a pliers allows you to get a proper grip on different size objects because the jaws are adjustable.

  • Utility Knife - a utility knife is very useful for cutting materials such as cardboard and wallpaper.

  • Allen Wrenches - Allen wrenches are generally sold in sets of different sizes and are used for turning screws or bolts that have sockets the allen wrenches fit in to on their heads.

Useful Gear
  • Tool bag - a portable crate or toolbox is essential to keep all those tools you use most often.

  • Goggles - protective equipment such as a good pair of sturdy goggles is essential to keeping objects out of your eyes while you carry out home improvement projects at home. Remember even a tiny splint of wood could damage your eyes irreparably.

  • Duct Tape - a roll of duct tape is essential and can be used for many different purposes during home improvement projects such as patching up window screens.

  • Knee Pads - knee pas will protect you knees form hard surfaces especially when you are crawling on hard, debris-strewn floors.

  • Ladder - a stepladder is an essential whether you are conducting a home improvement project or not. A stepladder can be used around the house for helping you access areas to clean that would ordinarily be out of your reach such as even shoots. Shelf Life is especially important if you are painting high walls or ceilings.

  • Stud Finder - a stud finder is an electronic tool used to locate the metal studs behind your finished walls that help you identify good places to hang shelves, mirrors and pictures.

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