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Hanging Wall Cabinets

It's best to install wall cabinets first and then the floor cabinets. Firstly, get organized. Take the cabinet out of the boxes they came in and remove the doors. Mark each door and cabinet so that they match up. Remember that each cabinet and door was matched, drilled and attached to fit only the cabinet it came with. You risk misalignment and poor operation if they become separated.

Use the following steps to help with the installation.
  1. Drill clearance holes for the mounting screws after transferring stud locations from the wall to the inside of each cabinet. Clearance holes the same diameter as the screw ensures the cabinets will be drawn. Tighten to the wall by the head the screw.

  2. Secure the top and bottom for the cabinet to the wall with three inch long and number ten cabinet screws. Don't tighten the screws completely.

  3. Position the second cabinet on a ledger and next to the installed cabinet with screws to the wall.

  4. Join both cabinets with two clamps, located about one quarter inch the distance from the top to the bottom. Wooden screw clamps are best. As you tighten the clamp, ensure that the face, top and bottom of the two frames are all perfectly flush.

  5. Drill clearance holes through the face frame. Countersink so that the screw heads will be slush with or below the surface and pilot holes in the adjoining cabinet.

  6. Drive a two and quarter inch drywall screw in to each hole and remove the clamps. If you overdrive the screws, they can easily snap off. If using a drill use the proper bits.

  7. Install the remainder of the cabinets.

  8. If a filler strip is needed as a specific location, clamp it to the face frame and attach it as you would attach two side cabinets together. The filler strip may need to be cut to suit a particular space.

  9. Reinstall the doors and check each one for smooth operation. Doors do have a tendency to misalign after they‘ve been removed. You can generally make minor adjustments after the doors are hung.

For frameless cabinets, use wood screws that are just shorter than the thickness of the two cabinet sides.

Secure each cabinet with four screws placed about one inch from the front edge of the cabinet.

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