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Pasting the Wallpaper

Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for the particular wallpaper you are hanging. For example, you may need to follow a "booking process" whereby you need to gently fold over the paper and let it relax for a time before you hang it. The wallpaper may expand up to a half-inch or more. After the paper is hung on the all and it dries it tends to pull itself nice and tight on the wall but the adhesive causes it to hold to its expanded size.

Booking the paper keeps it moist during the relaxing time.

Using the right adhesive in the correct way is key to the success for your project. Too much adhesive can cause excessive shrinking or slow drying which can create mildew problems. If you don't use enough adhesive it won't stick or the edges will curl. The wallpaper backing and the type of wall surface determine the type of adhesive you should use, how thick it should be and how much to apply.

Activated Pre-pasted wall coverings
The dry paste on the back of a pre pasted wall covering must be liquefied or activated by soaking the wall covering in water or by brushing a paste activator.

Use the manufacturers instruction whatever method you are using

If the manufacturers recommendation is to go directly from bath to wall, place the water bath in position at the base of the wall. Submerge the strip in the water bath for the specified time and then hang.

If it is recommended to book the wall covering loosely fold the back of the strip together so that the pasted sides are over each other as follows….
  1. Follow the bottom end to about one half or two thirds of the way up the paper.

  2. Fold the top down just to meet that point.

  3. With the pasted sides together, fold the strip in half or roll it up loosely and set it aside to relax for five to ten minutes as suggested by the manufacturer.

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