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Selecting a Shower

Today's showers range from basic enclosures to custom designed systems that stand alone as the centerpieces of a bathroom. For a custom designed system, it's best to allow the experts to install this unit. If you want to install a shower unit yourself, consider a fiberglass or acrylic enclosure, specifically designed for do it yourself installations.

The two things that determine the size and shape of the shower unit you want are the floor space where you plan to install it and the features you want it to have. Use the bathroom size as your guide. Start by searching for the shower's manufacturers website and you will find the sizes and specifications of all the different units they sell. Typically, shower surrounds come in either, fiberglass or acrylic and are in one, three or four pieces. One-piece units have the advantage of not needing any caulk.

A shower enclosure takes up minimal space however good preparation is key to a successful installation. For tools, you will need…
  • 2X4's

  • Masking tape

  • Drop cloth

  • Electric drill

  • Hammer

  • Large-head nails
  • Level

  • Pliers

  • Putty knife

  • Safety glasses

  • Screwdrivers

  • Utility knife

To install, follow these steps…
  1. Place the shower receptor in the enclosure and check that it's level and does not rock back and forth.

  2. Secure the receptor to the wall using galvanized nails.

  3. Position the panels.

  4. Check that the panels fit snugly against the wall frame

  5. Mark the location of the shower valve and shower riser pipe by making a cardboard template of the location of the valve and showerhead pipe.

  6. Drill a pilot hole by placing the template on the shower enclosure panel and aim for the center of the cutout to guide the hold saw.

  7. Install the shower wall panel on which the valve is located.

  8. Fasten the panels to the wall framing with galvanized roofing nails.

  9. Apply silicone caulk to all joints in the enclosure.

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