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Frugal Kitchen Decorating Idea

By Maria Paulia Belgado

Long distance moving can bring on many stresses. In addition to thinking about locating the proper moving services and packing, there is the question of how will you decorate your place. The kitchen is probably considered to be the heart of the home –and normally one of the first places you will need to have settled. That being said, kitchens are mostly functional, so many times decorating it is not a priority for many people. However, kitchen decorating need not be expensive. You can turn a drab, dirty kitchen into a an attractive and functional part of your home for less than the cost of a meal in a fancy restaurant.

Clean Up and Update – On the Cheap:
Look at your kitchen – is it looking worn-out and cluttered? Sometimes, all it needs is a little elbow grease and organization to make it look better. You can make your own cheap cleaner with a solution on 50% water and 50% white vinegar. Put it in a little spray bottle and use it to clean up hard surfaces (except marble or stone) or put it in a bucket and use it with a mop to clean up the floors.

If you seem to always lack space in your cabinets, try to organize your space inside. Make use of the vertical space by adding some stacking organizers. You can also invest in a spice rack, so you can have your spices at arm’s reach – you can find really inexpensive ones online or at home stores.

Bring in Some Color:
If you have industrial white kitchen walls, then you can brighten it up with a coat of paint. No need to hire painters – you can do it yourself to save on labor. Just go to your neighborhood store and pick up some paints and equipment (or borrow some.) Don’t forget to clean the wall of old paint or wall paper, add some primer and a few coats of paint. This is one productive way to spend a weekend. You can also have a painting party, and have your friends over to help you – just make sure you provide drinks and pizza when everything’s done.

If you have a nice window in your kitchen, you can also update the drapery by purchasing some new curtains at the thrift store, online or sewing your own (it’s really easy) Or you can add some runners to your walls. These are stickers with pretty patterns on them – you’ll be surprised how easy they are to add and how much more interesting they’ll make your kitchen look.

With these inexpensive and easy decorating ideas, you can refresh and update your kitchen’s look in a snap!

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