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Bathroom Decorating Ideas

By Relocation.com

After moving, there are many home improvement projects that you will want to attend to. One of the first that you will want finished is the bathroom. More often than not, a bathroom is one of the most functional areas of the house. After all, you go in there, do your business and get out. Decorating your bathroom isn’t about choosing the right paintings or color schemes. It’s about getting the right amount of light, fixtures that are functional and the right ventilation. Then, you can decide what look you want for your bathroom.

If you want a clean, minimalist look for your bathroom, use fittings and fixtures that have clean lines and simple designs. Since you don’t want too much décor and clutter, you can decorate with texture and pattern – using marble, for example, is a great way. The lines and veins that occur naturally in marble can give your bathroom some elegance, instead of plain, white hospital-like walls. You can also design with tiles, by using multicolored tiles, or using neutral tones, and adding a few tiles with colors. Remember that using a single color can make a room feel bigger, so try to stick with one color palette. A nice big mirror can finish off your bathroom, and make it feel more spacious.

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, you can opt for a more traditional, old-word style of décor. French style is particularly effective. Use creams and yellows for your color palette, for example, and add some cabinets with ornamental millwork and elaborate design. Light fixtures like cast iron lamps or a chandelier can add an old-world charm to your bathroom.

Trendy Bathrooms: The Eco-Friendly Bathroom:
If you want your bathroom to be up-to-date, you can design it with the latest trends in mind. One enduring trend is eco-friendly design. Update your bathroom to reflect your love for Mother Nature. Outfit your faucets and showers with water-saving fixtures. Use earth-friendly towels (such as those made from hemp or organic cotton) and toilet paper. Bring some light into the room and replace your old bulbs with energy-saving ones. Reuse old items, such as bottles and boxes to store your bathroom necessities like soaps, shampoos, cotton buds, creams, etc. Bamboo is a beautiful, trendy and most importantly, earth-friendly material, so if you must buy bathroom accessories, source ones that are made from this quick-growing plants. When you clean, try to use products that don’t harm the environment.

Your bathroom is not just a functional area, but rather, it is a reflection of who you are. After the moving companies leave, try these decorating tips, or just use your own creativity to come up with your own bathroom design.

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