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How to Install Cabinets

Cabinets are expensive so it's important they are installed correctly. It is a good idea to get the cabinet supplier to assume the responsibility for measuring up your kitchen so the proper size cabinets are ordered plus any filler strips. Filler strips are narrow boards with the same finish as the cabinets and are installed between cabinets to make them fit a space of fill a gap.

Installing basic kitchen cabinets can be completed by an intermediately DIY'er. Make sure you give yourself enough time and don't rush the job. For a small kitchen, set aside at least a weekend to complete the job and for a larger kitchen, allow your self at least a week or more.

  • Gathering the correct tools
    Be sure to have all the tools you will need for the job before actually beginning any work. Use the following list as a guide to what you will need before installing new cabinets.

  • A two and four foot level
    Use the two-foot level for checking level and plumb in tight areas.

  • Straight six foot or eight foot, two by four
    Use this to check the floors level and high point when used with a level.

  • Eight foot, one by four board
    This can be used as a ledger support board when installing wall cabinets.

  • Chalk

  • Tape measure

  • Stud Finder

  • A four, five or six foot stepladder

  • Selection of clamps- Squeeze, wooden screw and spring clamps of various sizes

  • Three sixteenth inch diameter countersink drill bit

  • Three inch number ten cabinet screws

  • Three eight inch drill / driver

  • Hammer

  • Several number two Phillips screw bits

  • Wood Shims

  • Jigsaw

  • Extension cord – for corded drill or jigsaw

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