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Pre-employment tests

It is very likely that you will be asked to take some type of test as part of the interview process. There are many reasons companies have turned to asking potential employees to take some form of test. Companies want to make sure they re making the right decisions and this is simply another tool to assess whether you are the right candidate for the job.

The overall purpose of these tests is to validate that the candidate has the ability to perform a specific job.

It is important to mention here that the test is only one factor in determining whether you will be chosen for the position however it is still important and you should try to do your best. If you are being asked to take some test, find out what kind of test so you can do preparation needed.

Basically the tests fall in to the following categories.
  • Aptitude
  • Proficiency
  • Integrity and psychological
  • Physical and drug
  • Handwriting

Aptitude Test
These tests are designed to measure your ability to perform, learn or acquire job related skills. Mental aptitude tests measure your intelligence, reasoning skills, verbal ability and so on.

Mechanical aptitude tests measure your ability to understand mechanical relationships such as lever and pulley systems.

Psychomotor aptitude tests measure the body's response to specific stimulus. These are commonly used in the armed forces.

Proficiency Test
These test measure how skillful the applicants are at a specific task such as word processing. Proficiency tests are used when specific tasks or skills are needed for successful job performance.

Integrity and Psychological Tests
Integrity and Psychological Tests are used to measure your personal honesty and integrity. As like detector tests cannot be used for the purpose of hiring somebody in most places these new tests help fill this gap.

In these tests you are usually presented with a series of situations and asked various questions related to honesty and integrity.

Psychological tests are now to measure characteristics such as temperament, stability and assertiveness. This can them be sued to determine whether an individual is suited for a particular position.

Handwriting Test
Handwriting tests use samples of an individual's writing to assess personality and psychological characteristics. There is an enormous amount of skepticism as to whether the information is useful however some companies swear by them.

Physical Tests
As the name suggests these tests are used to measure your physical condition. Companies use this information to establish a baseline for Workers Compensation claims.

It is very likely you will be asked to complete a drug test when going through the interview process as a condition of employment. Remember, if you have been asked to take a drug test and agreed you need to tell the medical examiner all the medication you are taking to ensure you do not get false positives.

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