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Organizing your job search

It is no secret that job hunting can be one of the most stressful events in life right up there with moving or relocating. There is not way around this however good preparation and focus will help ease the pressure associated with job hunting.

Here's a few words of wisdom that may help..

You are not alone- At any one time there are millions of people who are unemployed and looking for work or those who are employed and are looking for other opportunities.

Brooding, although common will get you nowhere so use some of that energy to focus on your search for a new job.

Remember that everything you do in your new job search is a step forward toward employment. If you need help in your search say so. The worst thing someone can say is "no".

It is critical to organize your search, By all means jump right in to this endeavor head first but do make sure to organize yourself, your activities and tasks in your job search and review this to make sue you are doing the right things. You will work much more productively if you decide to treat the job search as a job in itself, which it is.

Set up a base for yourself. This will more than likely be either in a space in your home or in a cubby in an outplacement company. Make sure the space is light and airy and comfortable. You can put a radio cassette player in the desk and have music in the background.

Job Search Tools


A telephone and answering machine or service are absolutely critical tools in a job search. You will not only have to make many calls but people will also need to be able to contact you and leave a message if you are out. Remember that when the job offers start common in you will want to make sure people can leave a message if you are out. If you have a greeting message on your machine, now is a good time to review whether it is appropriate. You do not want employees calling in and hearing some funny or strange message. They may not leave a message at all. One last work on this, make sure the greeting you leave is positive and upbeat.

1.Cell Phone

Although not an absolute necessity, a cell phone is a very convenient way of staying connected with what is happening in your job search. It allows you to make calls and take calls wherever you are. Most cell phones have voicemail options allowing you to pick up messages wherever you are. Be careful with the company you decide to use for cell phone coverage. You want to make sure the company you choose has good coverage in your area.

2. Computer

If you don't already have a computer it is well worth the investment. You can do so much with a computer such as ..
  • Type up resumes and cover letters
  • Allow you to print up professional looking resumes
  • Use the Internet to search for jobs
  • Find out about companies and even seek out recruiters
  • Receive email from potential employers
  • Send email to recruiters and potential employers
  • Store names, addresses and contact information for key contacts
  • Receive faxes if you have the right software installed

3. Facsimile Machine – Fax

A fax machine can be a great asset while you are looking for a new job. You can fax in your resumes to these companies that do not accept emailed copies and you can also fax in those all important cover letters. A fax allows you to act quickly when you need to get your resume in to somebody's hands.

4. Handheld Computer

A handheld computer is another great tool. It is not an absolute necessity however it does give you immediate access to your appointments, contacts and tasks and chores you have planned for yourself in a convenient handheld device.

5. Other Items

Business Cards

Even when you are not employed it is a good idea to have cards with your name address and contact information. You can also include your areas of expertise.


A small quality briefcase is and important accessory especially when going for interviews. It creates a professional impression for that all important "first impression".

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