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Tips on Learning a New Language

By Relocation.com Staff

Learning a new language can often be frustrating because emotion and meaning is often lost in translation.

When making an international move to a place where English is not the primary language, you may come across a few conflicts when carrying out everyday activities. Here are some tips to help with the transition:

  • Obtain books, tapes or videos to help you learn the language and use them frequently to learn the most commonly used words or phrases at first before proceeding into more complex areas. You should also take a course at a local college or university before you move.
  • Watch films in a foreign language, resisting the temptation to read along with the English subtitles: try to read them less and less so you become familiar with slang terms or common dialogue.
  • Many restaurants will have English translations for items on the menu. However, some may not. Carry a dictionary on hand or try to order in the native language.
  • Interact with people in your new area or join a club. Conversation is the most effective learning tool -- and it helps you learn the culture and make new friends as well.  
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