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Watch for Moving Day Packing Tape Charges

When the moving company comes to pick up stuff that you've already packed, you probably don't think you need to worry about packing tape, right?

You might need to.

Although many moving companies don't charge extra, there are some moving companies that do charge for non-reusable packing materials like boxes, shrink-wrap and tape.

And tape can be a lot more expensive when you buy from a moving company – I've heard from people who say they were charged up to $10 a roll. And if the moving company needs to use a lot of it, that can quickly add up.

However, it's easy to save on this expense.

First, determine if your moving company charges for tape.

Second, find out what they might use it for, and when they'll charge for it:

·         Additional tape on boxes – ask the moving company how much tape they like to see used on each box.

·         Tape for moving blankets. The moving company will use reusable moving blankets to protect larger items – they secure these blankets with tape. Ask if you are charged for the tape. (And while you're at it, ask if they charge you to 'rent' the blankets.)

·         Tape for any boxes they need to pack for you.

Now find out how much they charge for tape. If it seems excessive, ask if you can provide your own tape for them to use.

However, be sure you buy the type they recommend.

Movers don't use the tape you find at the local drugstore: they use tape that they can tear with their hands. Tape that needs to be cut with a knife, or used in a tape 'gun,' just slows them down.

Be sure you get the kind that movers use, or make sure you have everything taped securely enough that they won't need to use any extra.

Happy taping!

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