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Who is Involved in the Lender Side of a Mortgage?

By Relocation.com Staff

Who are the people involved from the lenders side?
There will be several people who will work on the loan from the lenders side and it is important to understand who does what and who your point person is at the lenders.

Loan Officer:
Usually this is your primary contact at the lenders. This person is responsible for taking down all your financial information and making sure all the information is ready for review.

Loan Processor:
This is the person responsible for processing the loan, that is to say making sure all the correct steps are followed such as ordering an appraisal for the home and ordering credit report.

This is the person who decides whether you will actually get the loan or not. This person takes all the information from the loan officer and the loan processor. You will have no contact with this person.

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