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Camelback Moving Inc.
Ann Arbor MI movers, With over (500) 5-star Yelp reviews we are an independent carrier that has an impeccable reputation for delivering quality service at a reasonable...

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Camelback Moving Inc.

Palmer Moving Services
Since 1910, Palmer Moving and Storage has been serving Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor area residents for their relocation. Whether it’s a household...

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Palmer Moving Services

O'Sullivan Moving & Storage Co.
O’Sullivan Moving and Storage Co, Inc. has been in business since 1982. We are a family-owned and operated business. We are a full-service moving...

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O'Sullivan Moving & Storage Co.

Premier Van Lines International Inc.
Founded in 1992, Premier Van Lines International is one of Americas leading relocation companies which specialize in international moves. We are...

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Premier Van Lines International Inc.

STI Moving & Storage
Ann Arbor relocation quotes, STI Moving and Storage is your one-stop-shop for professional moving and storage. Our mission is to deliver dependable, worry-free moving at an...

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STI Moving & Storage

Allied & North American Van Lines
Allied & North American Van Lines has over 85 years of experience and has built one of the largest moving networks in the world to service consumers,...

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Allied & North American Van Lines

Silverback Moving
Moving companies Ann Arbor Michigan, Based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Silverback Moving is synonymous with quality and reliability in the midwest moving industry. Silverback Moving is...

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Silverback Moving

24-7 Logistic Services
24/7 Logistic Services LLC offers a wide range of moving services for every life situation and your individual needs. We are dedicated to provide...

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24-7 Logistic Services

Colonial Van Lines
When you hire a long-distance moving company, you want to rest assured that the team you’ve chosen has the skills and convictions you need to trust...

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Colonial Van Lines

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Rachel Test Mover!

Prime Storage Systems Inc.
Moving to Hawaii or moving from Hawaii can be just as easy as one, two, three, it all depends on which relocation service you are using. At Prime...

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Prime Storage Systems Inc.

United Transportation Moving & Storage
Interstate movement of household goods and personal possessions takes the coordinated effort of professional team. United Transportation Moving and...

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United Transportation Moving & Storage

US Megaline Inc
Ann Arbor Michigan movers, The best movers at your service, book your next move and let us do the work.

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US Megaline Inc

National Solutions Moving & Cleaning Services, LLC
When thinking of moving your household goods, you naturally want them to be handled by the finest moving services available. We are proud of our...

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MC: 59438

National Solutions Moving & Cleaning Services, LLC

City Moving
Ann Arbor, GP Movers offer the best moving services around. You can have a team of professional and highly skilled movers backing your move when you choose GP...

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City Moving

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan is home to a lively downtown and many charming neighborhoods, and is an ideal place to live, work or raise a family. With over 115,000 residents living within the city’s 28 square miles, Ann Arbor frequently receives national attention as one of the best places in the country to live. A progressive city with a flourishing college scene, Ann Arbors median age of 28 makes it one of the youngest populations among major cities. The city is proud of its dedication to quality education, boasting five prosperous colleges and universities, and the city’s acclaimed public school system has adapted an academic achievement plan to help ensure all students are given the opportunity for success.

In 1823, a group of pioneers passed through the fur trading post known today as Detroit. The group continued along the banks of the Huron River in search of a site for a new frontier community. The site would be found 40 miles west of Detroit the pioneers established their settlement. In early 1824, these pioneers registered their claims in Detroit. By May of that year, the name "Ann Arbor" had been chosen for the town.  The biggest year in the history of Ann Arbor, Michigan was in 1837, when the city was selected as the location for a new State University. With a population of more than 100,000, more than half of the city’s residents are involved with the local University on some level. The University becomes the town’s only hope for survival during both World Wars and the Great Depression. During World War II, the city became the site of the notorious Willow Run Bomber plant creating thousands of jobs and firmly planting the city on its feet for years to come.

Ann Arbor moving companies are busy bringing in new residents every day. Ann Arbor’s largest employer, The University of Michigan, accounts for nearly 10 percent of the city’s workforce. The majority of the city’s remaining jobs are in manufacturing, health care and information technology. The University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti aid in the increase in firms involved in research, development and testing in the area, and provides technical resources and a well-educated workforce. One of the high-technology centers of the area, in 2003, Ann Arbor was named a “Smart Zone” by the State of Michigan. Local organizations support the city's traditionally stable industries of life sciences, networking and high-speed internet services and information technology. Other high-technology industries include computer and data processing, business services and instrument development. Trade and information publishing are also sturdy industries within the city. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, the Borders Group began as a campus bookstore owned by two University of Michigan graduates.  Today, the conglomerate is a worldwide chain and Fortune 500 company.

Michigan’s Ann Arbor many museums are some of the city’s most popular destinations. Adults and children alike can explore the interesting and educational exhibits that work to explain the mysteries of science and technology. The city’s many museums include the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, Gerald R. Ford Library, the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology and the University of Michigan Museum of Art. While you are here, visit Ann Arbor’s famed University of Michigan; one of the most prestigious public universities in the U.S., the university is a popular place for Saturday morning football and a great place to spend a “Blue and Yellow” afternoon. Fine dining, unmatched cultural events and dazzling attractions make Ann Arbor the vibrant, cosmopolitan city it is today. Indulge in world cuisines, or engage your senses with a broad array of arts, culture and excellent entertainment. Whether visiting or a longtime resident, you cannot help but feel the energy of a town rich in culture and full of life.


Interesting Facts:

  • In 1935, Olympian Jesse Owens set six track and field world records in less than six hours in Ann Arbor.
  • Until 2000, the “Naked Mile” was an annual event where students ran naked through the streets.
  • A person from Ann Arbor is called an "Ann Arborite."

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