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City Moving
Kalamazoo MI movers, GP Movers offer the best moving services around. You can have a team of professional and highly skilled movers backing your move when you choose GP...

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City Moving

Camelback Moving Inc.
With over (500) 5-star Yelp reviews we are an independent carrier that has an impeccable reputation for delivering quality service at a reasonable...

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Camelback Moving Inc.

Door 2 Door Moving Solution
Our company was formed after the owner had worked for 3 of the “Majors”. He saw that you could offer the same top level service but at a reasonable...

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Door 2 Door Moving Solution

US Megaline Inc
The best movers at your service, book your next move and let us do the work.

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US Megaline Inc

Hood Moving & Relocation
Kalamazoo relocation quotes, At "A Moving Around" we understand the importance of moving not just furniture but the family as well. This major decision must not be taken lightly....

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Hood Moving & Relocation

Alaska Terminals, Inc.
Alaska Terminals, Inc. is based in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska with branch offices in Fairbanks, Alaska as well as in Seattle, Washington. For the...

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Alaska Terminals, Inc.

Rachel Test Mover!
Moving companies Kalamazoo Michigan,

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Rachel Test Mover!

Spark Moving
Spark Moving is a nationwide moving company with experts who cater to customer needs with safety, care and love.

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Spark Moving

United Transportation Moving & Storage
Interstate movement of household goods and personal possessions takes the coordinated effort of professional team. United Transportation Moving and...

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United Transportation Moving & Storage

Allied & North American Van Lines
Allied & North American Van Lines has over 85 years of experience and has built one of the largest moving networks in the world to service consumers,...

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Allied & North American Van Lines

Move On Relocation
Not all moving companies are created equal, not even close. Most moving companies you come across have standards about as high as their ankles. Their...

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Move On Relocation

Preferred Movers LLC
You can put your trust in Preferred Movers to handle your move quickly and safely. A few pieces or a mansion-full of furniture, we are waiting to...

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Preferred Movers LLC

Kingsley Moving Systems, LLC
Kalamazoo Michigan movers, KINGSLEY MOVING SYSTEMS has a reputation as a full-service company that combines quality performance with affordable rates to meet your moving needs....

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Kingsley Moving Systems, LLC

E-Z Movers Inc.
EZ Movers, Inc. is a professional full service moving company based in Chicago, Illinois. With offices in Skokie, IL. Turlock, CA, Naperville, IL....

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E-Z Movers Inc.

Premier Van Lines International Inc.
Kalamazoo, Founded in 1992, Premier Van Lines International is one of Americas leading relocation companies which specialize in international moves. We are...

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Premier Van Lines International Inc.

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kalamazoo is a large city located in southwest Michigan with a population of about 79,000 people. It is divided into 22 different neighborhoods, and anyone moving there will find it to be a lovely and well-organized college town. Many areas of the city have designated as historical. Those moving to Kalamazoo will also discover a fairly temperate winter, with an annual snowfall of about 69 inches.

Kalamazoo is a city with good economic ideas. They have industry; businesses building car parts for Detroit and plastics companies are leading employers in the area. Pfizer has its corporate offices, manufacturing and research facilities here, and this has kept the economy stable. Western Michigan University is a major employer as well, and the local farms are going strong.

The name Kalamazoo is from the Potawatomi Indians and means ‘boiling water.’ There are conflicting reports on why the term boiling water came to mean a place. It was originally one site of the Hopewell Indians, who established a mound nearby. It was first inhabited by fur traders, and a trading post was erected there in the 1820s. The British built a smithy and a prison there during the War of 1812. A fellow named Titus Bronson built a cabin there and named the area Bronson in his own honor. He was later run out of town for being ‘eccentric’ and possibly a thief. The town was then named Kalamazoo. It was incorporated as a city in 1883.

Kalamazoo has many theater and arts companies and ballet companies. Covering more than 90 acres, The Gilmore Car Museum is filled with all types of motor vehicles and over three miles of roads. In June, you would not want to miss the 16th annual Island Fest, which draws over 15,000 reggae fans to it each year. In August, there is the Kalamazoo County Fair, with auto shows, gem shows and everything you would want in a county fair. Every August there is the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival. Also in July, the Taste of Kalamazoo gives you a taste of what the city is really like. Kalamazoo has wineries, an air museum, a Russian festival; if you can think of it, you can probably see it or do it in Kalamazoo.


Interesting Facts:

  • Kalamazoo is the site of the nation’s first pedestrian shopping mall, built in 1959.
  • Kalamazoo was the original home of the Gibson Guitar Co.
  • Kalamazoo has three local breweries.
  • There is an annual ‘eccentric day’ held to celebrate the end of finals at Western Michigan University.
  • Kalamazoo has sister cities in Jamaica, Japan and Russia.

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