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All My Sons Moving & Storage of Connecticut, LLC
New Haven CT movers, We are committed to our customers' satisfaction. Our highly-trained professionals make your moving experience as pleasant and hassle-free as...

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All My Sons Moving & Storage of Connecticut, LLC

Bridgeview Van Lines LLC
Depend on us when it comes to moving your valuable furnishings and appliances. Here at Bridgeview Van Lines we have a pronounced staff that makes...

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Bridgeview Van Lines LLC

East Coast Moving Inc.
East Coast Moving Inc. is a well-established moving company based in Queens, New York. Our company is growing every year and providing excellent...

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East Coast Moving Inc.

Solomon and Sons Relocation Service Inc.
Providing one of a kind moving experience that focuses on the sole satisfaction of its customers. A moving company with hundreds of 5 Star reviews...

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Solomon and Sons Relocation Service Inc.

United Van Lines
New Haven relocation quotes, With United, moving is simple — Whether you are moving across the country or just across state lines, we put our customers first. By integrating the...

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United Van Lines

Modern Logistics LLC
We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done.

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Modern Logistics LLC

Laser International Transportation Incorporated
Moving companies New Haven Connecticut, We provide international moving and storage solutions to private and corporate clients. We focus on transporting household goods and automobiles...

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Laser International Transportation Incorporated

Jacob and Sons Moving & Storage
Our story began a few years ago as a small business with a strong emphasis in community service. Over time, our business grew and now we are one of...

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Jacob and Sons Moving & Storage

WayForth Transportation LLC
How you move matters and no matter the destination, WayForth provides a clear path forward and serves as a guide making life’s transitions easier to...

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WayForth Transportation LLC

Zip To Zip Moving Inc.
Zip To Zip Moving is a reputable and reliable local moving company that provides you with smooth, professional moving services. Whether you are...

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Zip To Zip Moving Inc.

Agility Van Lines Inc.
Welcome to Agility Van Lines! We are one of the most reputable interstate moving companies around. We are trusted by countless families across the...

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Agility Van Lines Inc.

A1A Movers LLC
When it comes to residential moving, nobody does it faster and with more care than our dedicated residential teams. Our well trained, and well...

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A1A Movers LLC

DN Van Lines Inc.
New Haven Connecticut movers, As one of the largest independent moving companies in the county we have a solution for any type of moving need. Our move coordinators are...

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DN Van Lines Inc.

A Class Moving Inc.
A Class Moving & Storage serves the northeast region with reliable moving services. Our crews are well trained and our work ethic is as professional...

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A Class Moving Inc.

All My Sons Moving & Storage
New Haven, We are committed to our customers' satisfaction. Our highly-trained professionals make your moving experience as pleasant and hassle-free as...

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All My Sons Moving & Storage

New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven, Connecticut is located in the southwest portion of the state, on the beautiful New Haven Harbor. The city is about two hours to Boston and New York City, providing residence with a central location and an abundance of economic opportunity. New Haven is both the educational and manufacturing center of Connecticut. Tucked away among soiled factories and unappealing office blocks are some of the best restaurants and most exciting nightspots and activities. The city has undergone a major downtown expansion, which will likely produce new residential, cultural and commercial spaces. New Haven is proud of its rich history, colonial charm and a sophisticated mix of arts and entertainment, cultural attractions and nightlife delight. For a city of its size, New Haven offers some of the most fascinating experiences in all of New England - making it quite the popular moving destination.

New Haven, Connecticut is a remarkable city, representing a major core for business activity, culture, architecture and entertainment and top-notch research and education. If the ideal business location is what you are looking for, than New Haven, Connecticut is for you. This amazing East Coast city is at the dawn of a new era for business growth and development. The City is in the process of a notable transformation designed to make this New England jewel more of a destination city. A massive billion-dollar agenda was designed to develop the downtown area, renew the precious waterfront region and take advantage of the city’s exceptional transportation system.

Incorporated as a city in 1784, New Haven struck fortune in the late 18th century with the inventions and industrial activity of Eli Whitney -- a Yale graduate who remained in New Haven to develop the cotton gin and establish a gun-manufacturing factory in the northern part of the city. That area is known today as Whitneyville, and the main road running through both towns is known as Whitney Avenue. The Civil War improved the local economy with purchases of industrial goods, including those of the New Haven Arms Company, later known as the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. After the war, the city’s population grew, doubling by the start of the 20th century, most particularly due to the influx of immigrants from southern Europe. In the 1990s, New Haven started to stabilize, although poverty in some neighborhoods remained a challenge. The city, adopting a policy of community policing and saw crime rates drop dramatically throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

A stroll through downtown New Haven provides a mix of a look back into early colonial history, a hip new restaurant and a glimpse of the rising gothic towers of a renowned university. Set aside a day and head for the shoreline of Greater New Haven. This strip of land has it all: historic homes, stylish restaurants, nature preserves and its limitless opportunities for swimming, boating or fishing. The countryside of New Haven is quiet, happily rural and dotted with orchards and historic homes. The hills farther north are interlaced with walking trails, and when the winter snows arrive, the skiers soon follow.


Interesting Facts:

  • On January 28, 1878, 21 venturous citizens of New Haven became the world's first subscribers to telephone exchange service
  • In 1784, New Haven was incorporated as a city
  • In colonial New Haven, cut pumpkins were used as guides for haircuts to ensure a round uniform style. Because of this fashion, these New Englanders were nicknamed "pumpkin-heads"
  • The New Haven Symphony Orchestra is the fourth oldest symphony in America, having given its first performance in 1895

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