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Koa Moving And Storage LLC
Stockton CA movers, With 19 years of experience in the moving industry, we at Koa Moving and Storage comprehend how stressful moving can be. Our priority is to...

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MC: 1093117

Koa Moving And Storage LLC

Colonial Van Lines Inc.
When you hire a long-distance moving company, you want to rest assured that the team you’ve chosen has the skills and convictions you need to trust...

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Colonial Van Lines Inc.

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Home Movers, LLC

Alaska Terminals, Inc.
Alaska Terminals, Inc. is based in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska with branch offices in Fairbanks, Alaska as well as in Seattle, Washington. For the...

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Alaska Terminals, Inc.

National Van Lines Inc.
Stockton relocation quotes, Founded in 1929, National Van Lines is an ESOP-owned enterprise that began in the Chicago area as a horse and wagon moving service and expanded to a...

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National Van Lines Inc.

New Era Relocation LLC
New Era Relocation is a top-rated residential and commercial carrier offering comprehensive home and business relocation and packing services. Our...

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New Era Relocation LLC

Moving Nation LLC
Moving companies Stockton California, We assign each client a Moving Coordinator to walk you through every step of your move. We want your move to be the easiest part of your relocation...

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Moving Nation LLC

Spartan Van Lines, Inc.
Spartan Van Lines, Inc is a family owned and operated moving and storage company. Headquartered in California Bay Area, greater Los Angeles and New...

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Spartan Van Lines, Inc.

Premier Van Lines International Inc.
Founded in 1992, Premier Van Lines International is one of Americas leading relocation companies which specialize in international moves. We are...

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Premier Van Lines International Inc.

Prime Storage Systems Inc.
Moving to Hawaii or moving from Hawaii can be just as easy as one, two, three, it all depends on which relocation service you are using. At Prime...

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Prime Storage Systems Inc.

John Ferguson Moving & Storage LLC
Here at John Ferguson Moving & Storage, we are proud to be a locally owned moving and storage company. We take great pride in accommodating your...

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John Ferguson Moving & Storage LLC

City Moving
GP Movers offer the best moving services around. You can have a team of professional and highly skilled movers backing your move when you choose GP...

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City Moving

U-Pack Moving
Stockton California movers, ABF U-Pack Moving was launched nationwide on October 1, 1997 by ABF Freight System, Inc. U-Pack has become an extremely popular choice for...

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U-Pack Moving

Greater Bay Relocation Services
GREATER BAY RELOCATION SERVICES has been providing a quality, comprehensive range of move management, transportation and logistics services to both...

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Greater Bay Relocation Services

Desert Moving Co. & Storage
Stockton, From Door-To-Door or Country-To-Country, let us help you decide how much relocation help you need.

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Desert Moving Co. & Storage

Stockton, California

Located just 60 miles east of San Francisco’s Bay Area, and 45 miles south of Sacramento, Stockton, California’s prime location helps make the city one of California's fastest growing communities. And with its dynamic, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural population as well as tremendous economic expansion, it’s easy to see why so many are making the smart move to Stockton. A youthful city, Stockton offers an excellent quality of life for its residents. Those who have already made the move to Stockton are happy to take advantage of the numerous stunning suburban communities along beautiful waterways, and single-family homes costing residence nearly one-third the price of homes in the Bay Area. Those moving to Stockton will discover outstanding recreational opportunities, and is in convenient proximity to famous scenic attractions such as the California Coast, Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe.

Moving to Stockton, California offers the unique opportunity to experience a rich, diverse community, with reasonable home prices (median single-family home $355,000) and a productive labor pool. Ranked the 13th largest city in California, Stockton is a historically agriculturally based economy. As of late, Stockton has begun to diversify into all sectors of industry and businesses. The city is home to nearly 15,000 businesses, with some of the largest including Sigma Circuits, Applied Aerospace Company, Pac-West Telecommunications and Farmington Fresh. The city’s median family income is estimated at $58,000.With the city's steady job growth, a large skilled workforce and an affordable wage structure, Stockton, California presents a distinct hiring opportunity for employers. Its location at the head of a navigable channel, enables the city to continue to serve as a major shipping spot for many of the agricultural and manufactured products of Northern California.

In 1849, Stockton, California was founded by a German immigrant, who acquired nearly 50,000 acres of land through a Spanish land grant; And in July of 1850, the County Court granted incorporation of the city. The city’s rich soil and a temperate climate have made the areas surrounding Stockton one of the richest agricultural and dairy regions in California. During the over 150 years of Stockton's history, nearly every major nut, fruit and field crop has been grown. Currently, major crops include asparagus, cherries, tomatoes, almonds and walnuts, in addition to several other smaller production orchard and feed crops. Grapes account for 40% of the fruit and nut harvest, and contribute 18% to the county's agricultural dollar. Award-winning wines are produced at the vineyards north of Stockton, contributing to the international reputation of fine quality California wines.

Stockton, California is the place that combines culture and history with exclusive shopping and culinary delight. Conveniently located near several major urban attractions, natural beauty and outdoor activities, Stockton, California will keep both visitors and residence entertained for a lifetime. Settle in one of the city’s charming hotels spread throughout the city, or, relax under sunny skies and map out the activities of an outdoor adventure. While in town, cheer for one of the city’s sport teams, or pick up a treasure along the “Miracle Mile.” Feeling like hitting the road? Centrally located, Stockton is the perfect starting place for a road trip adventure. Enjoy the day in beautiful San Francisco, California, or head for the hills and experience the wonder of Lake Tahoe.


Interesting Facts:

  • The University of the Pacific California’s oldest university is located in Stockton.
  • Stockton was the first community in California to have a name not of Spanish or Native American origin.
  • The historic Bob Hope Theatre in downtown Stockton is one of only two “movie palaces” in the Central Valley.

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