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Oakland CA movers, Founded in 1929, National Van Lines is an ESOP-owned enterprise that began in the Chicago area as a horse and wagon moving service and expanded to a...

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MC: 42866


Allied & North American Van Lines
Allied & North American Van Lines has over 85 years of experience and has built one of the largest moving networks in the world to service consumers,...

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Allied & North American Van Lines

Grovestars Moving, LLC
GroveStars Moving, LLC provides long distance moving in 48 states. Whether you are moving your office or changing your home location, we will take...

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Grovestars Moving, LLC

California Relocation Systems LLC
Whether you plan on moving a mansion or a one bedroom to the next city, across the nation or into storage, we are well staffed and equipped to make...

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California Relocation Systems LLC

Moving Pro
Oakland relocation quotes, Established 20 years ago, Moving Pros USA is a family managed and operated moving company founded by a couple devoted to bringing excellence in the...

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Moving Pro

Bekins Moving Solutions
Moving in or out of Santa Fe Springs can be hard unless you have a professional mover. MyBekins has the experience, knowledge, and resources to get...

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Bekins Moving Solutions

QShark Moving Company
Moving companies Oakland California, Are you planning to relocate to a new location and wondering how to move with your belongings? Moving your assets to a new location can be a very...

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Beltmann Relocation Group
Beltmann Relocation Group is one of the oldest and largest agent for North American Van Lines. Our experienced staff and commitment to customer...

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Beltmann Relocation Group

Spartan Van Lines
Spartan Van Lines, Inc is a family owned and operated moving and storage company. Headquartered in California Bay Area, greater Los Angeles and New...

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Spartan Van Lines

Eden's Moving Services
Whether it is the movement of office premises to a new environment or home relocation, one usually need a reputable and highly experienced moving...

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Eden's Moving Services

Colonial Van Lines
Colonial Van Lines is the preferred choice for all your long distance moving needs. With over 50 years of experience, and over 200 professional...

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Colonial Van Lines

Trinity Relocation Group LLC
We are also licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation. With our huge database of recommended moving companies, we can...

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Trinity Relocation Group LLC

Hauling Moses Moving
Oakland California movers, The company name Hauling Moses Moving is new, yet the owner and his team are very seasoned. Both have earned their expertise and knowledge through...

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Hauling Moses Moving

We strive to give each move the attention it deserves. We pride ourselves on our family core values, so you can rest assured your belongings are in...

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Oakland, Our moving coordinators can help you arrange your move from start to finish in the effort of providing with an efficient and professional level of...

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Oakland, California

Located in beautiful Northern California, the city of Oakland offers a charming mix of attractive hillside neighborhoods, diverse architecture, unparalleled bay views and more parks and open space per capita than any other city in the Bay Area. Oakland’s diverse population, hip arts scene, moderate climate, bustling nightlife and varied job market make the city an ideal destination for anyone considering relocating to Oakland.

Settlement and development occurred in the city following California being conquered by the U.S. during the Mexican-American War. The California state legislature incorporated the town of Oakland on in 1852. The town quickly grew with the railroads, becoming a main rail station in the late 1860s and 1870s. Oakland's rise to industrial prominence and need for a seaport led to the digging of a shipping and tidal channel in 1902. In 1906, the city’s population doubled with refugees made homeless after the San Francisco earthquake fleeing to Oakland. By 1920, Oakland was the home of several manufacturing industries, including metals, canneries, bakeries and shipbuilding. Oakland grew significantly during the 1920s. And during World War II, the East Bay Area was home to numerous war-related industries. The war attracted large numbers of laborers from around the country, many of whom were African Americans from the western South, who enjoyed great prosperity during the war years. Soon after the war, the shipbuilding and automobile industries disappeared, as did the jobs that came with it. Many who came to the city did not leave, while many of the city's wealthy residents left the city to move into newly developing suburbs. Nonetheless, by the late 1960s, Oakland, which had been quite prosperous before the war, found itself with a population that was increasingly poor. Today, Oakland is a bustling city proud of its diverse population, rich culture and stable economy.

Located in Alameda County, the city's leading industries include business and health care services, transportation, food processing, government, arts, culture and entertainment. The Port of Oakland is one of the busiest ports in the world for container ships, and it provides nearly 200,000 jobs related to the movement of cargo through Oakland marine terminals. Oakland's principal imports include auto parts, computer equipment, wearing apparel, items made of plastic, processed fruits and vegetables and lumber products. Approximately 13 percent of Oakland's workforce is employed in the wholesale and retail trade. The city has hundreds of manufacturing plants employing nearly nine percent of the city's workers. In the mid-2000s, Oakland benefited from a sturdy and diverse business environment. Among its major corporations were Kaiser Permanente, Clorox, Cost Plus, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream and APL Limited. According to the Landauer Realty Group, out of the 60 largest office markets in the U.S., Oakland was expected to have the strongest market in coming years.

Head over to the Oakland Museum of California, which brings together collections of art, history and natural science under one roof. Next, experience the natural beauty of Oakland’s waterfront jewel, Jack London Square, where you will enjoy inventive dining opportunities open lawns, picturesque piers and sunny walking paths. For the sports fan, the city of Oakland is home to a NBA basketball team, a NFL football team and a major league baseball team. When there are no home games in the city, head over to the Oakland Zoo. A non-profit organization, managed by the East Bay Zoological Society, the Oakland Zoo offers a collection of exhibits and attractions to keep the family entertained throughout the day.


Interesting Facts:

  • Lake Merritt was the first official wildlife refuge in the United States.
  • Oakland makes more sourdough bread than any other city in the world.
  • Author Jack London, who wrote "The Call of the Wild," once ran for mayor of Oakland on the Socialist ticket.

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