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How to Locate a Storage Facility for Your Business

Rental prices for business spaces can be quite expensive nowadays. For this reason, it is more cost effective for businesses to use outside storage. Almost any type of company can benefit from outside storage, whether it be a law office or medical practice. If you happen to be employed at a successful company, your business may require more storage space. In this situation, self storage is your least expensive option.

Outside storage is both cost effective and convenient for storing items such as:

  • Files
  • Office furniture
  • Any type of excess stock
  • Marketing presentations
  • Miscellaneous office equipment
  • Computers
  • Electronic equipment
  • Musical instruments
If you are interested in storing items from your workplace, check to find out if the company has a record storage retention policy or if there is a certain amount of time you are required to keep these records in your possession. There is a possibility the records may be out of date, permitting you to dispose of them.

When storing business files, security will most likely be one of your first serious considerations. Question the warehouse operator about what security precautions are taken and whether 24-hour surveillance is available. You will want to understand the security arrangements at the warehouse. Use the following questions as a starting point for what to ask when visiting your preferred storage facility:
  1. Is there around the clock security coverage?
  2. Are there any CCTV's (Closed Circuit Television) for monitoring activity?
  3. Does the building have any fire alarms?
  4. Does the building have burglary alarms?
  5. Where are the motion detectors located?
  6. Will access cards or keys will be provided to you and if so who else will have them?
If the warehouse operator does not mention it, environment should be the next topic on your list of what to discuss. Do your belonging require special climate conditions such as temperature controls? This is especially important to inquire about if you will be storing important business files or paper goods because they need to be in a humidity controlled setting. High humidity is the biggest cause of damage to paper products. Even though there are additional fees associated with climate controlled storage, it will be worth it if your items remain in the same condition they went in.

Warehouse operators tend to offer additional services for larger companies for convenience reasons. These services may include the packing/loading of goods, delivery to the storage unit and inserting them into the facility. Although these options come with a price tag, they are well worth it. Opting for these services to be done by warehouse workers is much more cost effective than hiring movers to do a similar job. If your place of employment or company is using outside storage, inquire whether they offer bulk discount or competitive rates for your business.

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