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Basic Steps to Selling Your Home


There are some basic steps in selling a new home and here is an outline of what to expect:
Getting the home ready.
You will need to prepare the home for sale. This will most likely involve carrying out any necessary repairs and making the home neat and clean. You should also look into staging your home so that it looks new and presentable.

  1. Using an agent of selling yourself.
    Many people think that the only thing they need to do when selling their home is to put up a "For Sale" sign and wait for the offers to flow in. Many people also feel that they can save up to six percent by not using a real estate agent, however, the agent works hard for that six percent. If you decide not to use an agent, be prepared to negotiate and haggle over the sale price. The agent can be a great resource and act as a buffer during those often-difficult negotiations. If it's a strong seller's market, you may have the upper hand and be able to sell with little hassle by yourself. On the other hand, if it is a buyer's market, it may be more difficult and the service of an agent may be well advised.
  2. You will need to price and market the home.
    The agent will be able to help price the home. If this is a seller's market, you can expect to make your asking price if it is reasonable. If this is a buyer's market, you may have more difficulty in obtaining your asking price. You may also want to consider ways of making the home more noticeable and appealing. This is termed "marketing your home."
  3. Negotiate the deal.
    This requires a little give-and-take and depending on how may offers you get, you may be in a strong position where minimal negotiation is required.
  4. Closing on the home.
    For the seller this is really handing over the keys and pocketing the money.

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