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Non-Disclosure: Know What to Look For

If the seller fails to disclose any defects and the buyer discovers the issue after closing, the buyer can sue for damages. The seller may be required to apply for repairs and damages as a result of the undisclosed defect. The seller may be ordered to take back the property if a judge rescinds the sale due to non-disclosure of a major defect or issue. The seller may also be required to pay for the buyer's legal costs.

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A Moving Company's Moving Story
June, 2012

Relocation.com's survey was recently featured on the front page of USA Today. The headline entitled "Moving in Hard Times" highlighted our results that moving and relocating behaviors were only moderately influenced by the economy.


Our lifestyle survey found that Americans are seeking smaller homes and a suburban lifestyle. These riveting results were recently featured on USAToday.com in an article entitled "American dream shrinks as smaller homes gain favor."

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