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Eight Questions for Your Home Inspector

The home inspector plays a key role in your Here are eight key questions it is advisable to ask an inspector before hiring him:

1. What if any professional organization is the inspector affiliated with?

2. What certification(s) do they have?

3. What does the inspection cover?
At a minimum the inspection should cover the following:

Foundation -- Check for cracks and separation
Roofing, chimney, gutters, vents and fans
Doors and windows -- Check to see if they open and close properly
Plumbing -- Check to see if the sinks drain, the water pressure, any leaks and the condition of the water heater
Electrical system -- Checks the wiring and the connection to fuses and circuit breakers and groundlings
Heating and cooling systems -- Check if the furnace is operating correctly and safely. Remember that in the summer the inspector may be unable to check the furnace and he will note this on the report
Ceiling walls and floors -- Check for any cracks, dampness problems and uneven floors
Septic systems, wells and sewer lines -- It is usual to get a separate report on this as bacteria may need to be checked for, which takes time. The municipality may have reports on file that you can view.
Insulation and ventilation -- Check for adequate insulation and proper ventilation

4. How long have they been in the business and how many homes have they inspected?

5. How long does the inspection take?
On average an inspection takes at least two hours

6. Is the inspector specially qualified to inspect residential properties?
You need to check that he is qualified.

7. What is the cost of the inspection?
This can vary depending on where you live, but between $200 and $500 is usual.

8. Does the inspector prepare a written report?
Request a sample copy so you can see what the inspector normally checks for and how thoroughly the home will be inspected.

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