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Weather-Stripping Windows

Weather stripping around windows and doors in one of the easiest things you can do around the house to save money on your heating and cooling bills.

Weather-stripping is material that seals cracks between moving surfaces, for example, where a window sash meets the frame or stop. Weather stripping also blacks drafts and keeps out dust and insects.

Weather stripping comes in different types of materials and shapes. It's available in felt, vinyl or foam rubber edge on a wood or plastic strip that is attached to the edge of a door or window. Some versions have and adhesive back so you can install them without using nails.

The easiest weather stripping to install is the adhesive backed U seal type and come in stick rolls.

Follow these steps to apply adhesive backed weather stripping to a window.
  1. Clean the window jamb or other surface where you plan to apply the weather stripping and let it dry completely.

  2. Cut the strip to the length you need.

  3. Peel away the backing

  4. Press the strip in place with the U facing out.

  5. Install the strip on the opposite side of the jamb in the same way and close the window.

  6. Remove the backing from the top of the weather stripping that protrudes above the sash and press it in place.

  7. Lower the outer sash as far as it will go and install the weather stripping in this sash the same way you did on the inner sash.

  8. Raise the inner sash and apply a strip of weather stripping to the bottom of the sash, then lower the outer sash and put a strip on top.

  9. Lower the outer sash far enough to expose the inside face of the bottom of the sash. Clean this surface and apply a strip of weather stripping with the U facing down.

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