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Job Profile: Doctor/Physician

A doctor or physician diagnoses and treats illnesses. They also prescribe the appropriate medication to help cure these ailments. Doctors may have their own private practice or may work in a hospital or clinic or both. Doctors in hospitals administer medication however it is more common for nurses to do this today. Medicine is a profession one has to keep current with research, new procedures and drugs so the best possible care and options can be offered to patients to cure or manage their illnesses.

It can take up to eight years to become a doctor, four of those in medical school and four in an internship in a hospital. It can take even longer depending on the specialty chosen.

Doctors need to be able to think on their feet, be level-headed and extremely versatile and capable of dealing with complexity. Doctors also need to be able to make quick decisions as peoples' lives may depend on it.

There is always a need for doctors even in poor economic times although depending on where you live the needs may be greater or less.

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