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National Van Lines Inc.
Santa Rosa CA movers, Founded in 1929, National Van Lines is an ESOP-owned enterprise that began in the Chicago area as a horse and wagon moving service and expanded to a...

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MC: 42866

National Van Lines Inc.

John Ferguson Moving & Storage LLC
Here at John Ferguson Moving & Storage, we are proud to be a locally owned moving and storage company. We take great pride in accommodating your...

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MC: 679771

John Ferguson Moving & Storage LLC

Smooth Move USA
Smooth Move USA was founded on the principles of hard work, superior customer service and an eagerness for community involvement. Smooth Move USA has...

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MC: 981013

Smooth Move USA

AllTrust Moving & Storage Inc.
Moving doesn't have to be stressful. We're here to help! We are proud to be one of the most trusted and affordable moving companies in Miami,...

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MC: 545215

AllTrust Moving & Storage Inc.

Spartan Van Lines, Inc.
Santa Rosa relocation quotes, Spartan Van Lines, Inc is a family owned and operated moving and storage company. Headquartered in California Bay Area, greater Los Angeles and New...

US DOT: 2559630

Intra: 0191258

MC: 892921

Spartan Van Lines, Inc.

Colonial Van Lines Inc.
When you hire a long-distance moving company, you want to rest assured that the team you’ve chosen has the skills and convictions you need to trust...

US DOT: 1434373

MC: 681534

Colonial Van Lines Inc.

United Transportation Moving & Storage
Moving companies Santa Rosa California, Interstate movement of household goods and personal possessions takes the coordinated effort of professional team. United Transportation Moving and...

US DOT: 1978660

MC: 699570

United Transportation Moving & Storage

Koa Moving And Storage LLC
With 19 years of experience in the moving industry, we at Koa Moving and Storage comprehend how stressful moving can be. Our priority is to...

US DOT: 3392256

Intra: 2433-C

MC: 1093117

Koa Moving And Storage LLC

24 7 Logistic Services
24/7 Logistic Services LLC offers a wide range of moving services for every life situation and your individual needs. We are dedicated to provide...

US DOT: 3005919

MC: 26561

24 7 Logistic Services

Best American Movers
GroveStars Moving, LLC provides long distance moving in 48 states. Whether you are moving your office or changing your home location, we will take...

US DOT: 3142600

MC: 100291

Best American Movers

The Fire Men Moving Co.
The Firemen Moving Co. has been professionally moving residential and commercial properties since 1992. With over 20 years of experience, owner Neal...

US DOT: 3060928

Intra: C3646

MC: 55206

The Fire Men Moving Co.

Golan's Moving & Storage Inc.
When we started Golan’s Moving and Storage in 1990, we had one truck, four movers, and a good friend running the office. We focused on making moving...

US DOT: 504435

MC: 258359

Golan's Moving & Storage Inc.

Move Central Inc.
Santa Rosa California movers, Move Central was founded on the belief that moving can be made simple when you have the help and support of an efficient and professional team of...

US DOT: 2365576

Intra: 0191020

MC: 811063

Move Central Inc.

Intra: 191896

Home Movers LLC

Big Ben's Moving & Storage Inc.
Santa Rosa, Big Ben’s was created with a commitment to provide the finest, most exclusive packing, moving, unpacking and set-up, for the most luxurious homes and...

US DOT: 2564827

MC: 895469

Big Ben's Moving & Storage Inc.

Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa is a pleasant city in the Sonoma County of California. There are approximately 161, 496 people living here, making it the fifth biggest city in the San Francisco Bay area. The city is located in the watershed of the Santa Rosa Creek making for great views of the Hood Mountain or the great waterways in the city including the Fountaingrove Lake, Lake Ralphine, and Santa Rosa Creek Reservoir. People find themselves moving to the Santa Rosa area because of its cool winters and dry summers. Pleasant weather allows for a plethora of things to do year-round including visiting one of the area’s farms, art trails, spas, casinos or shopping centers. Small businesses including that of Santa Rosa moving companies are experiencing loads of success because of the thriving food and wine industry. Millions of tourists come to the Sonoma County every year to try one of the area’s award-winning wines or restaurants.

Although the housing market has gone done in Santa Rosa, California about 1.3 percent, the city is still doing well for itself. Some of the top employers in Sonoma County include Kaiser Permanente, St. Joseph Health System, Agilent Technologies, Medtronic Vascular, and Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa. As you can see, healthcare jobs are huge in this area. Other big businesses that have established themselves well into the area are Wal-Mart, AT&T, Washington Mutual and Lucky Brand. Santa Rosa has grown into a business and service center that drives the nearby region. Businesses have always had a great time starting here. Throughout the city and the town there are Economic Development Boards to help people give their ideas a head start. These organizations that support self-help in business offer assistance to startup, retention and expansion projects. Creation of new jobs and employment opportunities are important to those living in Santa Rosa.

The first settlers of the Santa Rosa area were the Pomo, Miwok and Wappo Indians. Then Santa Rosa became the first permanent European settlement of the Carrillo family in the 1800s. In the 1830s, Maria Lopez de Carillo’s family built a house on the Rancho Cabeza de Santa Rosa that they owned, which is currently on Downtown Santa Rosa. Being located on the fork of the Santa Rosa and Matanzas Creeks has always been convenient to wildlife and sea lie for food and resources. Beginning in the 1850s, prominent squares in town began to take shape. A Wells Fargo post and general store established at that time helped being in people into the Old Courthouse Square. Santa Rosa was incorporated in the county in 1867 and into the state the following year.

Guy Fieri is Santa Rosa’s own Celebrity Chef that has made a name for himself on the Food Network. Before he was driving across country going to the best “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” he was in Santa Rosa living and opening new restaurants. Fieri and other locals love the area’s world-renowned winemakers, chefs and beautiful scenery. In Sonoma County, there are over 40 spas, 500 restaurants and various coastal and sea villages. With over 250 wineries, in the area there will be plenty of opportunity to go on one of the award-winning tours and taste wines without an appointment. For the other days, there are over 18 golf courses, 120 small farms, numerous farmers markets, the Russian River and Lake Sonoma to make it a vacation you’ll never forget—or a never ending tour of your new home.


Interesting Facts:

  • According to popular legend, the area of Santa Rosa was named by Father Juan Amorosa after the saints. This was a popular practice to name rivers and creeks after these religious idols.
  • On April 18, 1906, the San Francisco Earthquake destroyed most of the Santa Rosa downtown area.
  • The city of Santa Rosa is a leader in going green with using clean-burning alternative fuel.

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