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Air-1 Moving & Storage
Fremont CA movers, Air 1 Moving and Storage has been in business for over 20 years. Our decades of experience allow us to provide reliable, affordable and secure moving...

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Air-1 Moving & Storage

California Relocation Systems LLC
Whether you plan on moving a mansion or a one bedroom to the next city, across the nation or into storage, we are well staffed and equipped to make...

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California Relocation Systems LLC

Merit Moving Systems
When you conduct business with Merit, you’ll have the expertise of professionals with over 50 years of industry experience in Southern California on...

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Merit Moving Systems

Eden's Moving Services
Whether it is the movement of office premises to a new environment or home relocation, one usually need a reputable and highly experienced moving...

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Eden's Moving Services

Allied & North American Van Lines
Fremont relocation quotes, Allied & North American Van Lines has over 85 years of experience and has built one of the largest moving networks in the world to service consumers,...

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Allied & North American Van Lines

Best American Movers
GroveStars Moving, LLC provides long distance moving in 48 states. Whether you are moving your office or changing your home location, we will take...

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Best American Movers

West Coast Moving Systems
Moving companies Fremont California, We have the experience and know-how to handle all your moving needs, whether it's an entire house, apartment or just one piece. We realize an...

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West Coast Moving Systems

Omega Moving & Storage
OMEGA Moving & Storage, Inc., is a leading metropolitan moving and storage company in the heart of San Diego, California it was founded in 2004 on...

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Omega Moving & Storage

Camelback Moving Inc.
Camelback Moving is a family owned and operated professional moving company specializing in any size residential, commercial, high rise, and...

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Camelback Moving Inc.

Move It Cube It
Our modular shipping container system streamlines the transportation of your goods in a secure, fast and cost‐efficient manner. Long Distance...

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Move It Cube It

A2 Moving
A2 Moving LLC was born to create to happy customers in the moving and logistics business. With headquarters in Los Angeles, California we provide...

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A2 Moving

Golan's Moving & Storage
When we started Golan’s Moving and Storage in 1990, we had one truck, four movers and a good friend running the office. We focused on making moving...

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Golan's Moving & Storage

Rigos Delivery Moving & Storage
Fremont California movers, Because we value our customers we stay highly committed to service and professionalism. Part of this commitment is ensuring that our moving crews...

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H & H Van Line INC
We are a reliable interstate moving company and we are experts in Complete Household Goods Interstate Moving. We are committed to supporting you...

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H & H Van Line INC

My American Movers, Inc.
Fremont, My American Movers Inc. is a professional Moving Company which offers Residential, Commercial and Office Moving Services in Los Angeles Southern...

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My American Movers, Inc.

Fremont, California

The fourth-most populous city in the San Francisco Bay area is Fremont, California, located to the southeast of the Bay. This fast-growing city has a population of over 213,000, and it ranks among the youngest and most-affluent of cities in the region. Fremont was singled out in 1999 as the healthiest city in the United States in which to raise children, and the city also ranked second in overall health among large American cities. With many job opportunities available from the Silicon Valley high-tech industries, those moving to Fremont will find an excellent place to both live and work.

The highest number of workers in Fremont are in the manufacturing sector, but there has been a dramatic growth in high-tech industries since the 1980s and 1990s. Until the end of the 1980s, the single largest employer was General Motors, which operated an automotive assembly plant in the city. That plant is now in the process of shutting down, but alternative employment in Silicon Valley industries makes up for these losses. Fremont’s current major employers include New United Motor Manufacturing, the Fremont Unified School District, Smart Modular Technologies, Boston Scientific/Target Therapeutics, Inc., Western Digital, the Washington Hospital, Oplink Communications, Lam Research Corporation, Seagate Magnetics and AXT Incorporated. With all of these exciting opportunities, Fremont moving companies are busy shuffling in new residents all the time.

The Spanish government established the Mission of San Jose at the site of the future Fremont in 1797. The Mission’s position along the main routes between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay and Mission Pass gold fields, combined with good agricultural land and abundant water, made the Mission flourish. Despite setbacks following the 1834 secularization of the Mission, eight separate communities had formed around the original site by the time of California’s statehood in 1850. Organized into the Washington Township in 1853, these settlements remained mostly rural until the 1950s. At that time, the specter of uncontrolled urban growth prompted five of the eight – Mission San Jose, Niles, Centerville, Irvington and Warm Springs – to incorporate together as the City of Fremont.

There are many attractions to be found in Fremont. The city’s cultural attractions include museums (most notably the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum and Edison Theater, the Museum of Local History and the Niles Depot Museum), Farmers Markets (three weekly), galleries and the Fremont Symphony Orchestra. Among Fremont’s many historical sites are the Mission San Jose and Cemetery (the original 1797 settlement site), the Ardenwood Historical Farm (offering a look at late-19th century farm life), the Higuera and Vallejo Adobes (built in 1840 and 1842) and the Centerville Train Depot (built in 1909 and the only train depot from that era still in use). Those wanting outdoor activities can visit Fremont’s Central Park (450 acres of open space) and the Aqua Adventure Water Park. Transportation in Fremont is available from three regional bus companies, and there is train service between the city and its neighbors. The closest airports are the Oakland International Airport, the San Francisco International Airport and the Mineta San Jose International Airport.


Interesting Facts:

  • The final tracks of the intercontinental railroad, linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, were laid in Niles (one of the towns later to incorporate as Fremont) in 1869.
  • Earthquakes have been a major factor in Fremont’s history. The 1868 Hayward quake (measuring 6.8 in magnitude) destroyed the original Mission San Jose and toppled buildings throughout the town. The 1906 San Francisco quake demolished the Palmdale Winery, at the time the largest in the state.
  • When incorporated, Fremont had the third-highest amount of land area of any city in California.

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