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United Nation Van Lines LLC

US DOT License - 697249
MC License - 324168
470 Olde Worthington Road
Suite 200
Westerville, Ohio 43082
9 years ago, a trio of friends hired a renowned national moving company and was disappointed by both the speed and the quality of the service. Sound familiar? Well, these 3 weren’t going to settle with disappointment. They turned that negative experience into a learning experience. That learning evolved into a business that today moves 3,500 families a year across the United States: United Nation Van Lines. “We use the simplest and most effective process for interstate moving,” It is a proven process that adheres to our Core Values and keeps in-house expenses low. On average, our prices are an average of 30% lower than any of the major carriers. Customer satisfaction rates, on the other hand, are a heck of a lot higher and we have thousands of 5-star reviews to prove it!
HomeMoving ServicesUnited Nation Van Lines LLC