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US DOT License - 3077172
MC License - 64564
13055 SW 238th St.
Homestead, Florida 33032
COWs stands for Container On Wheels (as well as a four-legged animal that provides us with milk and good steaks). COWs provides residential friendly portable storage containers to homes and businesses throughout North America. The COWS brand and container was birthed in 2009 from a single parent. The parent was a well-established fabrication company that specialized in the fabrication and modification of large scale commercial marine containers (ISO container). The development of the COWS product line was a natural extension to the "big" container business. The COWS containers are smaller and much cuter than the "big" containers. All COWS containers are manufactured at our plant in Southern Florida. We are very proud of this fact. We employ American workers. We do not import containers from other countries. We weld, we print, we paint, and we assemble with American pride.
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