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Belfor Moving, Inc.

US DOT License - 76628
Intrastate License - 0133715
MC License - 42866
7395 B Redwood Blvd.
Novato, California 94945
Craig Belfor has been in this industry since 1967, and the Belfor family runs Belfor Moving. As a Public Utilities license holder (133715, as opposed to 189XXX numbers issued this year) our longevity and experience cannot be duplicated. Our 96% accuracy rating award from National Van Lines, and our top ten booker designation for the country attests to our diligence and perseverance in providing the most competitive and honest estimates. National Van Lines’ GSA rating of 102.7% for performance puts us on top of the list for all of the major movers doing business with the government. Whether it’s local, nationwide, storage, or international, Belfor Moving’s commitment is to be your best move, regardless of the price.
HomeMoving ServicesBelfor Moving, Inc.