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How to Fix a Studio Apartment

By Relocation.com

Congratulations on moving into your new apartment! After the moving companies have left and the boxes are unpacked; it's time to start decorating your new space. A small space is hard to decorate, and a studio apartment can be especially difficult. The cramped space is a challenge, plus that single room will have to have multiple function. But, don’t fret, it can be easy to fix up and decorate your studio apartment, especially if you keep these things in mind.

Create an Illusion of Space.
How can you create more space without breaking down your walls? Simply, creating an illusion may be enough. You can use mirrors to make your room appear bigger. Perfectly placed, large mirrors can open up a space and reflect more natural light, giving it a larger appearance. Also, by keeping your area clutter-free, you can make a space feel less cramped. You can also create floor space by having a few key pieces of furniture and make sure the furniture you buy has legs – you’ll be surprised how much more open your floor looks when the furniture is lifted up on legs.

Multiple Function Furniture.
There are many types of furniture that do double duty, and these can help you save space. For example, some chairs and ottomans have hidden compartments, so you can use it to store your extra towels and linens. Some tables can be extended into longer tables, so they can function as both a study table and dinner table when you have friends over.

Divide the Room Into Areas.

It may seem counterproductive to further divide a room into smaller pieces, but it’s all about creating different areas. For example, you can use a couch, small coffee table and a chair to create a small “living room” area in a corner. If your studio is large enough, you can even get dividers so you can have some privacy in your “bedroom.” If you’re not afraid of heights, use a loft bed so you can divide your studio horizontally, and you can sleep up top and turn the bottom into a work area or living room with a couch.

Stick to Light Colors.
When picking a color scheme, stay away from dark colors. These tend to make a space shrink, while pastels and other colors will make your space feel more open. This applies to your wall colors, but you can also do the same with your choice of furniture, linens and curtains.

Keep Only the Necessities.
It seems that we always want more, more and more. However, when you have a tiny space, that’s not always possible. So, you have to make sure you only keep what you really need. If you have couch, then you might want to rethink the loveseat. You probably don’t need two sidetables next to you bed, and if you don’t really have a lot books, then you don’t need a new bookshelf. The idea is to keep things simple when in comes to decorating your studio apartment. If you stick with the necessities and try not to clutter your studio, you can have a beautiful and spacious home to come home to everyday.

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